Sea Kissed

The last thing I expected to get for Christmas was kidnapped…

Ari: I also didn’t expect to escape, get amnesia, and wash up on a reclusive millionaire’s private beach.

I didn’t expect that millionaire to turn out to be insanely-hot, ex-actor Holden Amundsen, who fled Hollywood years ago after a scandal.

And I definitely didn’t expect famously straight Holden Amundsen to not be quite so straight after all—at least not when he’s in bed with me.

Talk about hole-y nights…

But when pictures of us kissing end up online, more than Holden’s reputation is at stake. Holden promises he’ll protect me when my kidnappers come calling, but I’m more worried about my heart.

Holden says what we have can’t last, but I know love when I feel it. So how do I convince him that we’re a Christmas miracle worth fighting for?

Sea Kissed is part of the MM Fairy Tale Romance series. All books are completely standalone and are modern retellings of classic fairy tales with a gay romance twist.

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