My Straight Husband

A marriage of convenience is one thing. But married to a straight guy? That’s a whole different story…

Brooklyn: I’ve got a dissertation to finish and tenure to secure. The last thing I’m looking for is romance. But with my advisor’s charity on the brink of losing funding, I’ve got one shot at saving it.

The bet seems easy enough: marry Gabriel Hastings, stay married for a year, and snag a hundred thousand dollars. It doesn’t count as romance if my husband doesn’t even like men, right? And I’m smart enough not to fall for a straight guy.

There’s just one problem—my husband might not be as straight as he thinks…

Gabe is the last person I’d expect to be bicurious, but when I walk in on him enjoying some very un-safe for work gay videos, he tells me he wants to experiment. Expand his horizons.

Husbands with benefits—what could possibly go wrong?

I could catch feelings, for one thing. Pictures of us in bed together could go viral online, for another. Gabe and I are supposed to stay married for a year. Will we even make it a month? Or will we show the world—and ourselves—just what real love looks like?

My Straight Husband is Book 2 in the Rebel Hearts series set in steamy southern Georgia. Each book is snarky, swoony, and full of heat. They can be read on their own, but are even more fun together. My Straight Husband is a 90,000 word m/m romance with marriage of convenience, accidental fame, and first-time gay themes. HEA guaranteed.

And earlier version of My Straight Husband was published under the title Something New by Harper Logan. The book has been revised, updated, and expanded for re-release.

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