XOXO Santa

How do you ask your best friend to be your first time?

Blake: What do you do when you realize at age 20 that you might like guys?

If you’re me, you come up with a brilliant and foolproof plan:
Proposition the one gay guy you know to swipe your V-card over winter break.
In my case, that’s my childhood best friend, Henry.

Just one problem—Henry hates my guts.

That’s okay, though, because I’ve got a Plan B:
Download an app, find a guy to hook up with, and figure out once and for all if I’m as gay as my internet search history suggests.

One more little problem—before I can meet the guy I’m messaging online, I have to get through a week’s vacation with Henry and our families.

Henry, who can’t stand me, but who I can’t get out of my head.
Henry, who’s off-limits, but who I maybe kinda sorta kissed last night?
Henry, who’s spending an awful lot of time checking messages on his phone…

XOXO, Santa is a 70,000-word new adult gay romance novel with holiday sweetness, first-time steam, and a borderline-unhealthy level of snark. It features jock/nerd, friends-to-lovers, and online love tropes.

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